Our Full Members


The Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO) is the peak organisation in the disability sector representing people with lived experience of disability. Our member organisations are run by people with lived experience of disability. 

Below is a list of our Full members.  You can find out more about each organisation by following the link to their website.

Information on how to become a Full member of AFDO is at the bottom of the page.                      



BCA Logo     

Blind Citizens Australia (BCA) is the united voice of Australians who are blind or vision impaired.  Blind Citizens Australia was formed in June 1975 and has 11 State and Territory Branches and 2 Special Interest Branches.  BCA has over 3,000 individual members covering every State and Territory.  Learn more about BCA by visiting their website: Blind Citizens Australia     



  BIA Logo   

Brain Injury Australia (BIA) is the central clearinghouse of information and gateway to nationwide referral for optimising the social and economic participation of all Australians living with brain injury. BIA was formed at the first national community-based conference on ABI in 1986. Learn more about BIA by visiting their website: Brain Injury Australia     


Deaf Australia Logo   

Deaf Australia is the national peak advocacy and information organisation in Australia for Deaf people who are bilingual - using both English and Auslan (Australian Sign Language).   Deaf Australia works under the understanding that many Deaf Australians have varying degrees of fluency in both Auslan and English, but primarily use Auslan as their native or preferred language.  Learn more about Deaf Australia: Deaf Australia               



 DJA Logo 

Disability Justice Advocacy (DJA) provides advocacy support to people who have ongoing support needs as a result of disability.  DJA's focus is about working with the person with a disability and supporting their needs, rights and interests to address and resolve issues they identify.  Learn more about Disability Justice Advocacy by visiting their website: Disability Justice Advocacy



 Deafblind Australia Logo   

Deafblind Australia (formerly Australian DeafBlind Council ADBC) was set up following the National Deafblind Conference in Melbourne in 1993 as an advocacy organisation for people with deafblindness and their families.  Deafblind Australia educates members of the public and relevant government organisations about deafblindness.   Learn more about ADBC by visiting their website: Australian DeafBlind Council 



Deafness Forum colour logo   

Deafness Forum of Australia is the peak national body representing all interests and viewpoints of the one in six Australians who are hard of hearing, Deaf, deafblind, have a hearing loss or a chronic ear or balance disorder, and the families who support them. Learn more about Deafness Forum of Australia by visiting their website: Deafness Forum of Australia    



A4 Logo 

Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia (A4) is the national grassroots advocacy organisation providing systemic advocacy for people with autism and others (family members and partners) living with ASD.  A4 is focussed on the development and promotion of national Autism Spectrum Disorder policy and priorities.  Learn more about A4 by visiting their website: Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia



Down Syndrome Australia Logo     

Down Syndrome Australia is made up of eight State and Territory associations providing support, information, and resources to people with Down syndrome and their families across the country.  Down Syndrome Australia represent and progress the needs, interests, and aspirations of people with Down syndrome and those that support them.  Learn more about Down Syndrome Australia: Down Syndrome Australia      




Physical Disability Australia is a national peak Disability Peoples Organisation (DPO) run by people with physical disability for people with physical disability.  PDA was founded over 21 years ago and have members from all Australian States and Territories.  Learn more about Physical Disability Australia by visiting their website: Physical Disability Australia



DANA Logo   

Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA) is a national not for profit organisation.  DANA is a network of organisations throughout Australia that undertakes or provides individual advocacy, systemic advocacy, self-advocacy, citizen advocacy, legal advocacy or family advocacy.  Learn more about DANA by visiting their website: Disability Advocacy Network Australia



DRC Logo red         

The Disability Resources Centre (DRC) is a membership-driven organisation managed & staffed by people with disabilities.   DRC provide individual advocacy for adults with disability, and also work on systemic issues and support campaigns which aim to provide long-term benefits for many people.  Learn more about the DRC by visiting their website: Disability Resources Centre   




People with Disabilities WA (PWdWA) was originally conceived in the year preceding the International Year of Disabled People (IYDP) in 1981. In 1980 a small group of people tendered a submission related to the IYDP for a computer which was to establish a database to be operated by volunteers.  Learn more about PWdWA by visiting their website: People with Disabilities - WA  



IA Logo

Inclusion Australia (NCID) is the national voice for Australians with intellectual disability. Inclusion Australia bring together groups across Australia who are connected to people with intellectual disability and who are committed to the shared vision of inclusion in all aspects of Australian life.  Inclusion Australia (NCID)



PWD ACT Logo       

People With Disabilities ACT (PWD ACT) represents. promotes and supports the collective interests of people with disabilities.  Their vision is that people with disabilities are respected, valued and empowered to reach their full potential both as individuals and as contributing members of society.  Learn more about PWD ACT by visiting their website: People with Disabilities - ACT



Enhanced Lifestyles Inc

Enhanced Lifestyles’ services have been developed by those in the community with physical disabilities in order for Members to retain maximum independence, and build capacity within their own homes and the community. This is due to the individually tailored services offered, which allows our Members to exercise choice and control over a diverse range of services; which meet the individual needs and preferences of each Member.  Enhanced Lifestyles Inc



WDV Logo

Women with Disabilities Victoria is an organisation that advances real social and economic inclusion for women with disabilities in Victoria by being a voice for women with disabilities, creating opportunities for women with disabilities to be visible and to be heard in their communities, and by engaging the community to challenge attitudes and myths about women with disabilities. Women with Disabilities Victoria



Becoming a Full member of AFDO 

1/ Can your organisation become a Full member of AFDO? Check the criteria below:

  • Not for Profit Disability organisations (members can come from anywhere in Australia).
  • Members are:
    • people with disability, and/or
    • organisations of people with disability, and/or
    • organisations for people with disability
  • a) 1. They are governed by a board where at least 50% of Board members are people with disability, or
  •     2. They are a national disability organisation representing the lived experience of advocating for a family member with disability;
    • a) Children with disabilities, or
    • b) People with Intellectual disability, or
    • c) Carers and family members.
  • b) They are either ‘incorporated associations’ or ‘companies limited by guarantee’,
  • c) Their prime role is to advocate for the rights and wellbeing of people with disability,
  • d) They exist to support people with disability, and
  • e) They do not have any purposes contrary to the purposes of the AFDO.


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