Disability Support Pension(DSP) and Impairment Table Changes.

A review of the Impairment tables have been undertaken by the federal government. The impairment Tables help manage the DSP (disability Support Pension). AFDO has made a submission to the senate committee enquiringly about the changes. They have some concerns about the changes.

AFDO's submission to the Committee can be found Here.

For more information about the changes, please look Here

For the media release 'Building Australia's Future' which touches on the incentives to getting disadvantaged Australian's into work, please visit Here.

As part of the consultation concerning the changes, the government has formed a Center-link DSP Advisory Group. Leah Hobson is AFDO's representative on this group. Anybody who wishes to comment or raise concerns can contact her atleah.hobson@afdo.org.au or 03 9662 3324 during work hours.