AFDO and PWDA: Disability representative organisations welcome funds for NDIS


8 May 2012

Disability representative organisations welcome funds for NDIS

AFDO and PWDA tonight warmly welcomed the strong commitment made in the budget to the development of a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The allocation of $1billion over 4 years will go towards the building blocks of a revolutionary new scheme, which will eventually replace the current broken, unfair and underfunded system across the country.

"The fact that up to 10,000 people with disability will be supported in up to four areas across Australia from July 2013, one year ahead of the Productivity Commission recommended, is an exciting prospect", said Lesley Hall, AFDO CEO.

"The budget appears to have provided enough funding for individuals with disability to be able to choose and control their supports, For many people with disability, this will be the first time they have had a say in how they choose to live their lives,”  said Michael Bleasdale, an Executive Director of PWDA.

This commitment to a new approach to disability support now needs to be backed up by new laws, new policies and a real commitment from states and territories.

"This is a great beginning, and a great step forward to see disability take centre stage in a Federal budget," said Mr Bleasdale "But we're not there yet."

"We are waiting to find out what the government will do to make sure people with disability and their advocates are fully prepared for the scheme and able to participate in it so it succeeds," said Ms Hall.

"Governments across the country need to keep people with disability at the centre of this scheme, and that means giving them the right skills and giving them a real voice.

“We now call on the Opposition to join the Government in supporting this initiative,” said Ms Hall

Media Contacts

AFDO contact:

Lesley Hall, AFDO CEO: 0417 320 818
Leah Hobson, Policy Officer: 0430 210 980

PWD contact:

Michael Bleasdale, PWD Executive Director : 0419219910