AFDO Media Release: Cruel Insulting Statistics - CIS Gets the NDIS Wrong

For Immediate Release, 15th November 2012

Cruel Insulting Statistics: CIS Gets the NDIS Wrong

The Australian Federation of Disability Organisations today slammed the release of a report on the NDIS by the Centre for Independent Studies, saying it misrepresented costs and would cause unnecessary alarm in the community about the scheme.

“There are several problems with this report,” said Ms Lesley Hall, AFDO CEO. “Firstly, it talks about the natural rises in costs that happen over time as though they are not natural rises. Then it assumes that the upper age limit for the scheme will go up over time, even though the government has given no indication that this will happen.

Finally, it has failed to take into account all the economic benefits that the NDIS will bring. More people with disability will be able to work. They also won’t be causing issues for other systems, like hospitals, because they’ll be getting appropriate support.”

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is set to be launched in July 2013, and will cover 20,000 people with disability by mid 2015. The rollout of the NDIS beyond 2015 to the recommended 410,000 participants across the country remains uncertain.

“This is a particularly irresponsible report because we still have a long way to go to see the NDIS become a reality,” said Ms Hall. “We have strong evidence that this scheme will actually save money. We also know that for the people who are currently struggling to get more than two showers a week, the NDIS will be priceless.”

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