Here is a list of AFDO Policy Submissions.

Recent Submissions and Policies

DANA, NEDA, AFDO Joint Submission: Affordable Housing, March 2014
AFDO Submission: Inquiry into the Development of Northern Australia, March 2014
Supplementary Response to AHRC Re: BSWAT, February 2014
Joint Submission: Response to AHRC BSWAT
AFDO Submission: Pre-Budget Submission, January 2014
AFDO Submission: ALRC Disability and Commonwealth Inquiry, January 2014
AFDO Submission: BSWAT Exemption, November 2013
AFDO Submission: Commonwealth Procurement Procedures, November 2013
AFDO Submission: Post Office Inquiry, November 2013
AFDO Submission: ASX Corporate Governance Council,November 2013
AFDO Submission: Access to Justice, November 2013
AFDO Submission: Response to Child Safe Institutions, October 2013
AFDO Election Tip Sheet, August 2013
AFDO Election Platform, August 2013
AFDO Education Policy: Report and Recommendations, June 2013
AFDO Submission: Airline Two Wheelchair Policy, July 2013
AFDO Submission: Terms of Reference for the Australian Law Reform Commission, June 2013
AFDO Submission: Transport Standards, June 2013
AFDO Submission: 2013-14 Federal Budget Submission, January 2013
AFDO Submission: Building on Success, March 2013
AFDO Submission: Response to the paper - Improving the employment participation of people with disability in Australia
AFDO Submission: Senate Standing Committee Education Bill, February 2013
AFDO Response: National Disability Insurance Scheme Regulatory Impact Statement
AFDO Submission: Senate Community Affairs Committee Draft National Disability Insurance Scheme Legislation 2012
AFDO Submission: NDIS Bill 2012

Older Papers and Submissions

AFDO Submission: Council Of Australian Governments Consultation on Eligibility Reasonable and Necessary
AFDO Submission: Senate Standing Committee Education Bill 2012
Disability Support Pension(DSP) and Impairment Table Changes
AFDO Policy Paper: National Disability Insurance Scheme Engagement
Shadow Report: Convention on the Rights of People with Disailities
Shadow Report: Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities Executive Summary, Plain English
AFDO Submission: Response to the National Human Rights Action Plan
AFDO Submission: Response to the National Disability Strategy Implementation Plan
AFDO Submission: Roadmap for Mental Health Reform
AFDO Submission: Consolidation of Anti Discrimination Laws
AFDO response: to Article 32 CRPD for OHCHR Study
AFDO Policy Paper: Social Inclusion
2010/2011 AFDO Productivity Commission Submission.
AFDO Paper: DPO Capacity Building
AFDO Submission: Productivity Commission Second Round and AFDO
Review of the Disability Standards on Accessible Public Transport