Disabled People’s International (DPI)

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Disabled Peoples International (DPI) is the world’s only cross-disability Global Disabled People’s Organisation (DPO). It is committed to protecting the rights of people with disability, as well as promoting their full and equal participation in society. Established in 1981, DPI is now represented in more than 130 countries.

AFDO is a Full member of DPI, and is privileged to hold the sole Australian representative vote on DPI.

Trevor Carroll is our International Coordinator & Representative, and holds the following positions on DPI:

  • Australia’s representative on DPI Asia Pacific
  • Chair of the DPI Asia-Pacific Executive
  • Information Officer on the DPI World Council Executive

You can find more information at their website Disabled People’s International.

Group Photo of the participants at the DPI Asia Pacific Regional Assembly in New Delhi on 10th April, 2016

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