Federal Election 2019

The Federal Election has been called for Saturday 18th May 2019.  All Australian citizens aged 18 years or older must vote in the Federal Election.  If you are not enrolled to vote, you can enrol online, but you must do this before 8pm Thursday 18 April 2019.

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has a website set up with information for people with disability and mobility restrictions. The AEC can assist you to enrol, vote and help you find more information such as:

Our Federal Election Platform

The Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO) is calling for a commitment from all parties to six key objectives which make up our Political Platform:

1. Commitment to a Royal Commission to address violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect of people with disability across all settings and encompassing all matters raised by AFDO and its members that are not currently in or are lacking sufficient weight in the Royal Commissions Terms of Reference as well as conflict of interest issues with two of the appointed Commissioners. Read more on Commitment 1

2. Commitment to funding the National Disability Strategy and progressive achievement of measurable outcomes at a federal level as well as ensuring this applies to all levels of government. Read more on Commitment 2

3. Commitment to set aside, as a clearly defined reserve fund, the full and ongoing funding of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and to provide any necessary legislation to this effect. This to be at the level required for full Scheme each year, including any funds remaining in the reserve fund from any budget underspend in any given year. This is to provide certainty for all approved participants and for the long term security of the Scheme. Read more on Commitment 3

4. Commitment to people with disability who are not part of the NDIS for continued access to services and relevant supports provided at a Federal and State/Territory level through COAG and other agreements or arrangements. Read more on Commitment 4

5. Commitment to equitable and sufficient funding of all national Disability Representative Organisations to fulfil their role for people with disability and their families; to add value in working with all governments on policy, initiatives and disability issues. Read more on Commitment 5

6. Commitment to equitable and sufficient funding of disability advocacy agencies and its national Peak body to fulfil their role for people with disability and their families; to add value in resolving individual issues and to provide input and data on systemic or other issues for resolution.  Read more on Commitment 6

We will also be writing to all party leaders and candidates outlining our Political Platform and asking them to commit to the six key objectives which will improve the lives of people with disability and improve inclusion within Australian communities.

Our Members

For a complete list of our members, please visit our members page.

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