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National Disability and Carer Alliance


The National Disability and Carer Alliance was established in 2009 by three peak organisations in the disability sector. These organisations included AFDO – representing people with disability; Carers Australia – representing families and carers; and National Disability Services (NDS) – representing disability service providers. The focus of the Alliance is public advocacy on behalf of the disability sector.

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In its early years, this alliance of organisations created the Every Australian Counts (EAC) campaign. The campaign was one of the driving forces behind the increase in public and political support for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Once the Federal and State governments committed to the NDIS, the Alliance began providing advice on how to put the scheme into place. It now works to maintain this bipartisan support for the NDIS.

The Campaign Manager of the Alliance is Ms Jean Cotchin. Jean can be contacted at Jean@everyaustraliancounts

The Alliance has recently welcomed the inclusion of an organisation with expertise in mental health – Mental Health Australia. This move has strengthened the Alliance and shown an understanding that the scheme also needs to support people with psychosocial disability.

Our Alliance partners

Carers Australia

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Carers Australia is the national peak body representing Australian carers. It advocates on behalf of carers for changes to policies and services at a national level. It also works with partners and member organisations to deliver a range of essential carer services. Carers Australia strives to achieve greater recognition for the work that carers do for the people they care for and the community. To learn more about the organisation, visit the Carers Australia website.


National Disability Services

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National Disability Services (NDS) is Australia’s peak body for non-government disability service organisations. NDS represents more than 1,100 disability service providers across Australia, which vary in size and specialty. NDS allows members to unite and bring about change, influence outcomes and deliver funding to where it’s needed. To learn more about the organisation, visit the NDS website.


Mental Health Australia

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Mental Health Australia (MHA) is the nation’s peak non-government organisation representing and promoting the interests of the mental health sector. MHA members include national organisations that represent:

  • consumers
  • carers
  • special needs groups
  • clinical service providers
  • public and private mental health service providers
  • researchers
  • state and territory mental health peak bodies.

MHA promotes the need for mentally healthy communities and aims to educate Australians on mental health issues. It also works to influence mental health reform, conducts research on mental health issues and carries out regular consultation to make sure its actions are in the best interests of its members, partners and the community. To learn more about the organisation, visit the MHA website.

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