Diversity Field Officer service

Photo: The Diversity Field Officer service – Victoria Strachan, Diversity Field Officer (left), Jessica Zammit, National Manager Workforce Participation (centre) and Rebekah Bryant, Diversity Field Officer (right).

The Diversity Field Officer service was developed by AFDO in collaboration with Deakin University.

It’s a strategy focussed on building the confidence of businesses to hire people with disability, as well as encouraging them to be more welcoming, confident and accessible.

This project is different to other employment services because it focuses solely on the needs of the business. It also offers one-on-one practical strategies that are specific to the needs and objectives of each business.

We help businesses think about how welcoming and accessible they really are by improving their workplace culture, the customer experience, as well as current employment practices and barriers that exist in recruitment and interviewing.

To learn more about this exciting initiative, visit www.diversityfieldofficer.com.au or www.facebook.com/diversityfieldofficer.