What does “disability confident” mean?

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Disability confident employers understand the benefits that people with disability can bring to their business.

Disability confident employers:

  • think differently about disability, and have the skills, techniques, and confidence they need to recruit and retain people with disability
  • think about the needs of people with disability when designing their products and services, and when creating employment opportunities
  • put policies into practice to ensure that people with disabilities are included, and they understand that inclusion needs to start right at the beginning – during recruitment.
  • have managers and staff that understand disability. They know what people with disability can do, and they have identified ways to address barriers to employment or promotion, for people with disability.

Being a disability confident employer can help you attract a wider pool of job applicants and help retain talented employees living with disability.

Disability Confident employers also play a leading role in changing community attitudes.  By changing the behaviour and culture in their own business, they improve community attitudes towards people with disability.

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