Our vision

That all people with disabilities must be involved equally in all aspects of social, economic, political and cultural life.

Our mission

Using the strength of our membership-based organisations to harness the collective power of uniting people with disability to change society into a community where everyone is equal.

Our strategic objectives

  • To represent the united voice of our members and people with disability in national initiatives and policy debate.
  • To enhance the profile, respect and reputation for AFDO through our members.
  • To build the capacity and sustainability of AFDO and our members.
  • To foster strong collaboration and engagement between our members and stakeholders.
  • To enhance AFDO's connection and influence in international disability initiatives, particularly in the Asia Pacific region, through policy, advocacy and engagement.

Our members

Our members

Latest news and media

Staying Safe

We have published a new page on the AFDO website called "Staying Safe." The Staying Safe page has information and resources for people with disability experiencing abuse, and includes information about your rights, and where you can get help if you are experiencing...

AFDO eNews #12

Welcome to the latest edition of AFDO eNews. Our member organisations work together to advocate for the rights of people with disability in Australia.  However, it's also important to recognise that our members are individual disability organisations in their own...