Commitment 4

Commitment 4 – AFDO Political Platform

4. Commitment to people with disability who are not part of the NDIS for continued access to services and relevant supports provided at a Federal and State/Territory level through COAG and other agreements or arrangements.

One in five Australians are people with a disability, that’s over 5 Million of our current population. You are also more likely to acquire a disability as you age, we are living longer, and the projected age of Australians as a proportion of the population is rapidly rising with this to significantly increase over the next five to ten years.

The NDIS is welcomed and fully supported by AFDO however, the scheme will only cover 460,000 Australians with disability at full roll-out. That leaves over four and a half million Australians living with disability who are not part of the scheme.

AFDO is concerned that some levels of government are failing in their obligations and duty to these Australians by reducing or removing services and supports that were previously in place, or that may be required following the implementation of the NDIS.

Another key concern is for those people with disability who are not part of the NDIS and are over sixty-five years of age and in the aged care system.

These Australians also require a commitment to continued access to services and supports to ensure they remain well and in their homes for as long as possible or that aged care providers are required to meet these requirements.

The Federal Government and all levels of government have a responsibility to ensure that those Australians who are not part of the NDIS as outlined above, continue to have access to essential services and relevant supports.

AFDO calls for this commitment from the federal level, and this is also a key component outlined in COAG or any other agreements or arrangements with other levels of government.

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