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The joint announcement today from Minister Ruston & Minister Robert, outlining significant financial and other supports for people with disability, along with support agencies to deal with CoronaVirus issues is welcomed by National Peak Disability Representative Organisations (DROs).

The announcement has demonstrated the Government’s strong support and recognition of people with disability and the importance that we are all in this together, and need to value and treat everyone on an equal basis.

“Our organisations are of one voice on the priority of support needed for people with disability and all those we represent across Australia, we are very pleased with this announcement,” said Dwayne Cranfield, CEO of the National Ethnic Disability Alliance on behalf of the DROs.

The package announced, contains a number of significant funded items which will provide both direct and indirect supports for people with disability in coping with the pandemic and in moving to the recovery phase. In particular, the much-needed phone line to provide accessible information and counselling and outreach services.

“Our six organisations think that, on the whole, it is a significant package of supports, however, in terms of Australian Disability Enterprises, we again raise our concerns of their continuing operation during this pandemic, which is not essential, not required and is putting the health, safety and welfare of people with disability, along with non-disabled staff at risk.

This is a positive first step, and we look forward to continuing to work with the Ministers, the Federal, State and Territory Governments, as issues arise to ensure that people with disability are kept front and centre in the thinking for any pandemic responses.” stated Mr Cranfield.

Endorsed by:

  • National Ethnic Disability Alliance
  • Children and Young People with Disability
  • Australian Federation of Disability Organisations
  • People with Disability Australia
  • First People Disability Network
  • Women with Disabilities Australia

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