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Tonight the Turnbull Government delivered on its promise to fully fund the NDIS. The 2018/19 budget provides for this and there is also funding allowed in the forward estimates.

“This is a pleasing result, and tonight people with disability, their families and supporters can feel relieved that the scheme, which we all fought so hard to get, is fully funded for the coming financial year,” said Ross Joyce, CEO of the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO).

The Federal Treasurer, in his budget speech tonight, again strongly supported the NDIS funding saying: “Finally, every dollar and every cent committed to delivering the National Disability Insurance Scheme remains in place and always will.”

“Whilst AFDO is buoyed by the Treasurer’s comments, people with disability still need certainty past the next financial year that NDIS funding will not be subject to economic booms or busts and will be fully funded ongoing.

“The NDIS funding is welcomed and the Turnbull Government has listened to people with disability and the wider Australian community. We will continue to monitor to ensure that funding is fully provided for this essential service and we will also ensure that the National Disability Insurance Agency is given sufficient flexibility to deliver on the promise of the scheme for people with disability,” outlined Mr Joyce.

The budget has also delivered on the full implementation of the Quality & Safeguards Commission which will ensure the safety of NDIS participants on a uniform and national basis.

Mr Joyce stated: “We look forward to working with the Commission as it is progressively established and rolled out across Australia. This is an important step in ensuring NDIS participants have appropriate standards of service and a means to investigate complaints or issues in an independent manner.”

These are the key budget issues concerning NDIS participants, however, there are other budget measures which also impact on the lives of people with disability outside of the scheme. These require a further review and separate response, which AFDO will be providing shortly.

For more information, contact AFDO CEO, Ross Joyce on 0402 842 040.

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