Full membership of AFDO

Full membership criteria

Full membership of AFDO is open to Not for Profit disability organisations in Australia.  You can check the criteria below to see if your organisation can join as a Full member of AFDO.

  • A Not for Profit disability organisation (your members can come from anywhere in Australia).
  • Your members are:
    • people with disability, and/or
    • organisations of people with disability, and/or
    • organisations for people with disability
  • a)   You are governed by a Board where at least 50% of Board members are people with disability, OR You are a national disability organisation representing the lived experience of advocating for a family member with disability;
    • a) Children with disabilities, or
    • b) People with Intellectual disability, or
    • c) Carers and family members.
  • b) You are either ‘incorporated associations’ or ‘companies limited by guarantee’,
  • c) Your prime role is to advocate for the rights and wellbeing of people with disability,
  • d) They exist to support people with disability, and
  • e) They do not have any purposes contrary to the purposes of the AFDO.

How to apply for Full membership of AFDO

  1. Complete the Accessible Full Membership Application Form
  2. Send your completed form to the AFDO CEO at ceo@afdo.org.au

If you have any trouble downloading the membership application forms, please email cheryl.gration@afdo.org.au to have the form emailed to you.

Current AFDO Constitution

The Board of AFDO considers all membership applications, and will notify you if your application is successful.  All decisions made by the AFDO Board on membership applications are final.
Here is the CURRENT AFDO CONSTITUTION as of 21 October 2019