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Getting the Most Out of Your NDIS Plan – Information Pack

We have put together a set of useful handouts that give you more detail on the topics covered in the “Getting the Most Out of Your NDIS Plan” Information Session.

This Information Pack includes 16 handouts, all of these are available in PDF and Word, with the exception of handout 9 which is available in PDF format only.

Please contact us by email at disabilityloop@afdo.org.au or by calling 1800 219 969 if you have any trouble accessing the handouts.


Handout 1 – Notes

Handout 2 – AFDO and Disability Loop Overview.

Handout 3 – Glossary of some NDIS terms.

Handout 4 – Examples of a support worker support.

Handout 5 – RIAC NDIS Request for Supporting Document – SUPPORTS.

Handout 6 – NDIS Fact Sheet 3– What does reasonable & necessary mean?

Handout 7 – NDIS Support Category Examples.

Handout 8 – NDIS Fact Sheet 4 – Managing your NDIS plan.

Handout 9 – Valid Advocacy Tip Sheet Support Co-ordinator Role.

Handout 10 – How do I find service providers?

Handout 11 – FS Internal Review from NDIA.

Handout 12 – RIAC – NDIS – Internal Review Checklist.

Handout 13 – Individual Advocacy and Making Complaints about the NDIA.

Handout 14 – NDIS Commission complaints brochure

Handout 15 – Goals.

Handout 16 – Understanding the NDIS Pricing.


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